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Central Ac Repair

If you have a home for many years then chances are you had the dreaded AC Breakdown and chance are even better it was during the sweltering heat of summer. There are many types of problem it may be you will see. Why do you see the problem? Mostly you use AC in Summer season because of at that period you face heat.
If you will care about AC at beginning time then I hope that you will not need to face any problem of AC. Look at some of the common issue that will cause your Central AC Repair to malfunction our engineers necessary to fix them. I mention here some problems.
1) Condenser is not working: – check power source and check for clown fuses and then check thermostat. The problem could be a faulty motor or compressor.
2) Insufficient Cooling :- check your thermostat and then check air handler
3) No Cooling: – If thermostat is ok then check condenser because some time it need it clean.
4) Evaporator needs to clean.

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